Sire Leo Lamar-Becker
Production Manager
Laurel DeWitt & Entrepreneur

Since moving to New York City on a whim in 2009, Sire Leo Lamar-Becker has been pursuing his creative endeavors. He began interning for metal apparel & accessories designer, Laurel DeWitt in 2010—learning everything he could from the Master of Design. In the beginning, executing the meticulous chain work proved challenging for him, but after much work and dedication, he designed his first piece for Laurel DeWitt in the Autumn/Winter ’14 collection. He’s worked on pieces worn by Brandy, Cardi B, Kris Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, LaLa Anthony, Nicki Minaj, and Tyra Banks, among others. Affirming himself indispensable to the brand, he was named Production Manager in 2015.

In addition to his work with Laurel DeWitt, Sire is an entrepreneur, content creator, photographer, and writer. In 2018 he opened Vision Space NYC in Times Square—a year-long endeavor, that provided an affordable creative and event space for New York creatives and entrepreneurs, as well as hosting notable brands such as Guinness World Records and Wet N Wild Cosmetics. In March of this year, he published his coloring book Doodle It Out: Adult Coloring Book and Doodle Diary and debuted his doodle art under the pseudonym Sire Doodles.