Taylor Wiegert
Vice President and Planning Director
Martin Agency

Know what most people want to avoid? Martin Agency VP and Planning Director Taylor Wiegert would say: Advertising. That’s why Taylor’s track record for crafting unmissable ads and magnetic brand moments worthy of the pop culture annals is so powerful. He’s been named a Google Young Innovator Finalist and a Shots Rising Star in Advertising.

It’s hard to pin down where Taylor’s fetish for brand strategy and immersive digital experiences stems from. Maybe blame years of slow internet connectivity while growing up on the Wiegert family farm for the following: Making rowdy March Madness vasectomy recoveries a thing; giving live-TV streamers a name—Slingers; and unleashing Shadow of War’s Middle-Earth creatures everyone loves to hate—orcs. Taylor's Midwestern charm and penchant for share-worthy stunts has boosted brands like Sling TV, Virginia Tourism, Buffalo Wild Wings and others.