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Nicole Januarie

Freelance Content Director; Founder

Nicole Januarie

We Heart Our Lives

Nicole Januarie is a Content Director who partners with brands and individuals to assess how they can creatively communicate their message through strong impactful content. After more than a decade ideating, strategizing and directing videos for multi-million dollar brands and start-ups, Nicole has learned what truly drives conversations and move individuals to an emotional connection: It's not mastering the marketing flavor of the week…it’s how well you connect with the heartbeating people you’re trying to help and/or inspire, and how effectively you communicate your understanding of their needs back to them.

The former Managing Partner and co-founder of 19th & Park Inc. and 2019 Adweek Creative 100 honoree recently focused her attention on launching a content platform, called We Heart Our Lives, dedicated to eliminating the stigma around mental health and suicide.